February 2023

The Expert Work Session

On February 1 and 3, the Expert Working Session of the Project “ Cooperationas a key element to overcome the challenges in the posting of workers in the care, construction, transport and agriculture sectors” , financed with funds from the European Union, in which the discussion of some of the most important problems related to the displacement of workers, to find solutions to them and establish the bases of the training or informative materials that will be developed throughout the Project.

From the interventions of the experts from each participating country, the following common conclusions can be drawn from all of them, despite the existing legislative differences in them:

  • All countries would have transposed the European legislation on PW
  • It would be desirable to review the current regulations on the posting of workers, especially in terms of coordination of Social Security systems ; although the partners are aware of the Commission’s lack of initiatives and political will
  • It is convenient to regulate more clearly the establishment of the competent legislation to apply to situations of displacement.
  • Specific problems related to excessive working hours (24-hour availability) of care workers when they carry out their work at the home of the person they care for must be addressed
  • It is necessary to deepen in detecting situations of submerged economy
  • Analyze and establish solutions on the lack of respect for labor conditions or labor exploitation of migrants, especially in an irregular situation; specifically, referring to the rights of workers for accommodation without habitability conditions.

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