October 2022

Launch Meeting

In the inaugural meeting of the Project “ Cooperation as a key element to overcome the challenges in the posting of workers in the care, construction, transport and agriculture sectors” , financed with funds from the European Union, has highlighted how the heterogeneity of the participating partners (unions, employers and public bodies) and their knowledge of the specific characteristics of the sectors targeted by the project (care, construction, transport and agriculture), could provide different perspectives for problem analysis and search for solutions for posting workers and mobility of workers from third countries.

In a first approximation to the content of the Project, the partners have defined a series of issues that will be worked on during the research and analysis phase of the Project, with the aim of reinforcing awareness of the rights of displaced workers.

Work Topics:

– Residence

– Work permits

– Existence of underground economy

– Conditions of employment of the PW

– Social Security

– Quotes

– Training

– Lack of competence of carers

– Living conditions of the PW, whether they reside at the home of the person they care for, or at another home

– Quality of service provided

– Differentiate the functions of the caregiver with those of a health professional

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