Experts working session – Online – 01 and 03.02.2023

Date: February 1st and 3rd, 2023 Location: Online

Day 1: February 1st, 2023

The participants were welcomed, and each attending expert was introduced. The Project Coordinator Expert, Marek Benio, highlighted the objectives of the meeting, such as identifying problems and barriers in worker mobility and suggesting solutions. The lack of initiatives by the European Commission regarding worker mobility and the need for coordination of social security systems were mentioned. Specific problems related to excessive working hours in the care sector were discussed. Day 2: February 3rd, 2023

A brief summary of the previous meeting was provided, and expert interventions continued.

Problems and solutions in each participating country were discussed:

Czech Republic: High salaries in the construction sector were mentioned, making worker mobility difficult, but there is immigration from Poland. The presence of undeclared work and lack of regulation in small companies were highlighted.

Spain: Non-compliance with collective agreements, irregular hiring, and labor exploitation in the agricultural sector were mentioned. The need to improve information and labor inspection was emphasized.

Poland: Coordination of social security with other countries was discussed, and issues such as illegal postings, obstacles to labor inspection, and lack of recognition of postings with fixed residence were mentioned.

Norway: Deficiencies in the SOLVIT system, guarantees of safety and health for posted workers, and lack of information about community legislation were mentioned.

Romania: Although it does not post workers, it receives migrant workers, and problems related to A1 certificates, remuneration, self-employed workers, and language barriers were discussed.

Serbia: Unable to post workers under European regulations, but mentioned posting of caregivers, highlighting issues such as language barriers and lack of employment contracts.

Future project activities were reported, including the development of training materials, participation in conferences, and the organization of an international training course in Spain in September.

This is a summary of the minutes of the expert work session held in February 2023, where problems and barriers in worker mobility in various countries were discussed, and future project activities were planned.