International Training – Online – 17-18.10.2023

In the meeting was discusses key aspects related to the final salary received by workers and the regulations governing such remunerations, which are outlined in employment contracts or determined by the host country. It delves into the topic of Social Security for displaced workers, addressing the unique legislation and local labor laws applicable to them. Various considerations are presented, including the calculation of the maximum duration of displacement, Social Security contributions, and examples from Germany on how to handle these calculations to avoid exceeding the 12-month limit.

The post also highlights a recent judgment from the European Court of Justice regarding the residency rights of an individual from Croatia seeking to establish residence in Sweden. It emphasizes the importance of consulting guides for information on different Social Security systems regulated by each state. Additionally, the post touches upon the concept of “letterbox companies” and their impact on irregular hiring, salary calculations, and Social Security contribution calculations.

The discussion extends to professionals, such as truck drivers, whose work involves traversing multiple countries. The post analyzes where these professionals should contribute to Social Security and notes irregularities in the application of Articles 12 or 13 of the Social Security Regulation by companies. It concludes that contributions should be made in the place of residence or where the company is registered, highlighting issues with the completion of the A1 document, a crucial factor in determining applicable Social Security for a worker during their displacement.

The representative, Angel L., concludes the informative workshop, announcing upcoming activities, including the creation of a newsletter summarizing the workshop’s content, the development of a final project article containing definitive conclusions, and the possibility of subscribing to a project continuity agreement. The post encourages feedback from partners on the presented material until November 15, 2023, shaping the final version based on received proposals.